Where’s Your Area 10 Board?

Can you find your Area 10 Board members in this group photo taken under the Arch in St. Louis? Can you find the hidden bell?

Coppers Classic Scholarship Deadline Extended

We at Area 10 hope you’re having a wonderful summer, but also hope you’re getting anxious to get back to handbells.  To help spark that enthusiasm, the scholarship application deadline for Coppers Classic has been extended to August 9. There is an adult...

National Seminar Day 0

This is my first national seminar. I’m excited to learn a lot of new things to take back home with me.  My final leg to St. Louis was by Amtrak. I haven’t ridden on a train in decades.  It added to the specialness of this event for me.   Also experienced...

Newsletter Correction!

The deadline for scholarship applications for Coppers Classic 2019 should have been reported as July 26th, not June 30.