2023 Area 10 Bylaws Amendment

In July 2022, a subcommittee of the Board was formed to revise the Area 10 Bylaws to allow electronic voting and relax the requirement to put forward 2 candidates for each elected position.  With ever dwindling numbers of members, it is becoming increasingly difficult to recruit 2 candidates for each position.  It quickly became apparent that a more comprehensive overhaul was needed to our current bylaws, dated 2004.  Since 2004, “National” (Handbell Musicians of America) developed an area bylaws template to bring some uniformity to the bylaws of the 12 areas.

Voting members of Area 10 are asked to adopt these amendments to the Area 10 Bylaws as proposed by the Area 10 Board of Directors and Approved by National.  These revised Bylaws have some additions to conform with the bylaws template, some rearrangement of text, and some changes to the 2004 Bylaws.

Presented here for your review are the current 2004 version and the 2023 proposed amended version.  The proposed amended version is highlighted where there are new issues and where substantive changes to existing issues were made.  Text that was simply reordered to be compatible with the bylaws template has not been highlighted.

Voting members of Area 10 will receive a written ballot via postal mail to be voted and returned (postmarked) by March 20, 2023.  The vote is either all up (“Approve”) or all down (“Not Approve”). A two-thirds majority of votes cast is required for adoption.

If you are a voting member of Area 10 and have not received a ballot by February 25, 2023, please contact Shelley Giaier, the Area 10 Chair at [email protected]

The Area 10 Board of Directors recommends that you approve these amended Bylaws.

Current 2004 Bylaws                            2023 Proposed Bylaws Amendment