Handchime/Handbell Loan Program

The Area 10 Board encourages schools, churches, and community musical groups to expand their music programs to include handchimes or create a music program with handchimes.

Handchimes are a wonderful first instrument because the student is rewarded with a proper musical sound each and every time it is rung.  It may be the wrong note to ring – but it sounds good.  No squeaks or squawks.  Holding the instrument is easy with no complicated fingering.  Chimes are sturdy and are immune to peanut butter and jelly or other kid-introduced substances.  They are small and light and easy to transport between multiple venues and lighter to ring for our senior citizens or anyone with a disability.

While handbells take a bit more care than handchimes, they still offer much the same level of rapid success.  They may be the perfect choice for slightly older students or adults, offering all the same benefits of proper musical sound, while also offering an expanded array of techniques to be explored.

Three octave sets of handchimes are available for loan to organizations in Area 10 (Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington). The specifics of the loan program are listed below. Organizations interested in applying for a loan of a set of handchimes should complete the on-line application which will be sent to the appropriate Area 10 State Chair.  For more information, please feel free to email your Area 10 state chair, listed below.

AlaskaCaroline Valentine
IdahoCorbin Rasmussen
MontanaLinda Hightower
OregonHeather Dixon
WashingtonJulie Hunziker

 Responsibilities of Area 10
  • Provide a three-octave set of handchimes or three-octave set of handbells for one school year (September-June).
  • Provide instructions for the teaching and use of the handchimes/handbells.
  • Provide a set of current teaching materials.
  • Provide a mentor (experienced ringer or director) in the area to assist in the development of a beginning handchime/handbell program.
  • Cover all shipping costs.
Responsibility of the grant recipient
  • Use the handchimes/handbells to create a music program or expand on an existing one.
  • Replace any severely damaged materials. The State Chair will decide if replacement is necessary.
  • Return the handchimes/handbells at the end of the loan agreement.
  • Cover the cost of handchime/handbell replacement or repair. The State Chair will decide if replacement or repair is necessary.
  • When the loan year has been completed, submit an article to the Area 10 newsletter (The Northwest Campanologist) describing your experience with the handchimes.


Copyright Restrictions
  • The teaching materials provided through this loan are not for sale and must be returned to the State Chair in good condition.  The book of reproducible music is yours to keep.
  • Photocopying or reproduction of provided materials by any mechanical means without prior approval of copyright holder is strictly forbidden. Such duplication will result in the immediate cancellation of the loan and will require immediate return of the handchimes and teaching materials.



Notes from our Recipients

2018 Montana

Victor K-12 schools appreciates the loan of the handchimes to the music program for the 2018-2019 school year. The chimes were used in general music classes and in high school choir. Third and fourth graders used them as they were learning about the music staff, and played an ostinato to a song (such as the round “Hey, Ho, Nobody Home”) while other students sang. It engaged the students and made them eager to play and learn music. In high school choir, we experimented with using them as the root of chords during a carol that referenced bells. Thank you for the use of these instruments!

Heidi Schnarr, Victor K-12 Music Teacher